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Whether you are a creative, business, or entrepreneur; awareness and visibility is KEY to your success and growth. Big Indy Presents is the full-service media agency that can take you from amateur to professional or from under-looked to over-booked. Here you will find every tool needed for your max exposure and brand development and if you're not sure what you need, feel free to book a consultation with one of our professionals. Make sure to browse all of the tabs and subscribe to be the first to know about casting calls and other opportunities. 

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About Big Indy

A dream turned into reality 

Big Indy began as a social media, streaming and broadcasting network created by Silicon Valley native Mbari Smith via With Big Indy being a full-service media company; Mbari's daughter Divinity Smith AKA Lady Diviniti, a professional journalist, PR and experienced entertainer herself, decided that adding additional tools such as a magazine and would help other creatives advance even further in their fields. Once she noticed how some people in her magazine gained substantial notoriety, she created an agency to help her clients reach even further visibility which we now know as 'BIG INDY PRESENTS'. What makes Big Indy Magazine so special is that it began as a passion project fueled by faith and filled with Diviniti's own poetry, love for pop culture, art, and beauty. In her first issue she expressed how Drake deserved decade honors by naming him 'Icon of the Decade' even before the Billboard Awards presented him 'Artist Of the Decade' which resulted in new discovery for the magazine and Lady Diviniti gained the title 'visionary', while also forming a friendship with Drake himself. In addition, an artist by the name of Hulio Draws was featured for his artwork in Big Indy Magazine right before also becoming discovered by Drake and having his paintings reposted on Drakes Instagram page, which is yet another reason why Big Indy Magazine is a great place to get discovered!

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