New documentary reveals unique perspectives on black-love while raising the question of if it exists

International streaming network Big Indy TV, airs a new heartwarming documentary called ‘Black Love’ by Darrel Reynolds and although the title of the film seems self-explanatory, it doesn’t necessarily give away the standpoint, since black love is generally associated with romantic relationships between a black man and a black woman but Darell Reynolds, best known as Rell G, initiates conversations revealing less discussed yet equally as relevant perspectives by hitting the streets of Oakland California to find out what black love means directly from the mouths of various black bystanders. The documentary succeeds in providing viewers with new angles on the matter, sparking unique conversations and insight which may leave some wondering what black love means on personal and outward levels while some may even be left questioning if it even exists. After watching the interactive documentary, don’t be surprised if you find yourself asking what black love means to you, specifically.

In addition to the randomly selected black individuals who chimed in to give their opinions and perspectives on what black love means to them, hip-hop artist ‘Prezi Plane Jane’ is spotlighted in the documentary to discuss her version of black love and also her emotions regarding the non-fatal yet traumatizing shooting of her brother ‘Kool John’ who’s a popular rap artist from the Bay Area. Now more than ever, during some of the most uncertain times in history and with homicide rates skyrocketing nationally, disproportionately affecting black communities the hardest; are true-to-life reminders of just how much black love and community efforts are needed to combat destructive hate. ‘Black Love’, suitable for all audiences, is the type of documentary you might want to add to your watch list, as it’s as sentimental as it is enlightening which makes the film a great choice to watch with family.

To dive deeper into the mind of the artist and film director Rell G, watch his interview hosted by Lady Diviniti on Big Indy TV dropping this February 2022.

(You’re reading an early released article, read more in Big Indy Magazine volume 2)

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