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Grammy's, Kanye, and black thoughts.

What we’re not about to do is cancel Kanye! There’s a difference between crazy and passionate, I wish the media would get that part right, that’s why I work so hard to make sure I’m contributing to fair press. People act like breakups are supposed to be easy just because you get famous. Also you don’t have to like someone to show fairness or equality to all people. What’s important to note here is that no laws have been broken and no one has been hurt. Kanye West is human and let’s not let this distract from the actual fact that he’s a literal genius and an expressive artist. Being an artist is not just what you do but it’s also a personality type that less than 8% of worlds population possesses, which plays a big affect on how well the masses may relate or not. I took the Myers Briggs personality test in college and I was the only one in a class out of 33 students that got the ‘artist personality result’ (AKA ISFP) it was a discovery that felt so accurate to my mindset. It is not possible to be an artist without also being somewhat sensitive & expressive. No one is right 100% of the time including yourself. Give people space to grow rather than just canceling them the very first chance you get. Don’t forget to pay attention to the patterns, when black men start innovating (stem player) & truly leveling up (billionaire black rapper) they become a target for the perfect smear campaign. Think about how many examples you can name right now of black public figures attempting to level up and then getting hit with an overwhelming amount of bad press almost at the same time. Did you really think in a world full of George Floyd’s that the world is ready to see the image a free black man? I’m talking financially free, thinking free, & moving free! Yeah I didn’t think so. Support Kanye even through the hardship because by doing so you’re simultaneously supporting your own human rights.

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-Big Indy Magazine , founder Divinity Smith

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