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Jack Harlow brings out Stunnaman02 to perform during sold out show at the Masonic

San Francisco rapper Stunnaman02 is rapidly becoming one of the biggest independent artists out of the Bay Area and with Jack Harlow bringing the ‘Big Steppin star’ onstage to his sold out show at the Masonic in San Francisco Saturday night, is yet just another reassurance of that fact. Ever since Stunnaman02, also known as Jordan Gomes, released the hit single Big Steppin with a catchy dance to match, the city has been going wild! Everyone from top Influencers, celebrities, athletes, and even children can’t seem to get enough of the tune and dance combination. The Big Steppin dance is simple, super fun, and almost anyone can do it, all you have to do is push your arms in and out as if you were bench pressing, while also rotating your body in a circular motion. If you’re still unsure how to do the dance correctly just type in the hashtag #bigsteppinstunnaman02 on Instagram or TikTok to learn.

A star has risen. Somewhere between going viral on various social media platforms and the popular demand of the jam; Big Steppin began hitting the airwaves on terrestrial FM radio in the Bay Area and is quickly making its way down to Southern California, amongst other states. If you watch football you may have even heard the 49ers tailored version of the song or have seen NFL football players partake in the Big Steppin dance on TV and/or after achieving a touchdown.

Through Jordan’s latest distribution deal with the San Francisco record label Empire, fans can listen to his music on all streaming platforms, yet he remains an independent artist, maintaining all rights to his publishing and creative control. During an interview with Lady Diviniti on Big Indy TV, Jordan reveals he prefers to remain independent & has even been a member of Big Indy Inc. since 2018, joining the original version of the social platform, securing the username Jordan Gomes before the app was even developed. The Big Steppin music video is currently available on YouTube as well as the Big Indy TV network which can be accessed in over 116 countries and to over 100 million

smart TV users.

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