Kanye Attends The Donda Doves Homecoming Game: A Journalist At Work by Lady Diviniti

Updated: Mar 19

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Kanye West attended the annual Donda Doves Homecoming game in Whittier California. This was a super fun event filled with some of the biggest entertainers of Hollywood. I picked up on great vibes from pretty much everyone I encountered and I even got the chance to meet thee Kanye West, also known as Ye! This doesn’t happen to me often but I did somewhat freeze up initially upon meeting Ye but I quickly learned there was no need for that since he’s actually not as intimidating as big media makes him seem, he was actually quite the opposite and very embracing. This was one of those full circle moments for me as I’ve had dreams of meeting Ye in the past, but one the most distinctive dreams of him i remember was sitting down with West in a white pyramid on bar stools and we scheduled a studio session together. Also I’m not sure of the name of the cologne Kanye was wearing, but it was good! It smelled like a smoky frankincense with a hint of citrus, faint but delightful, not at all overbearing.

Kanye’s mood appeared to be on the up and up all night, with lots of smiles, possessing a very gentle attitude topped with a relaxed spirit. I watched as he kindly embraced his peers, media, and players on the court. He just really seemed content with what he’s accomplished with the Donda academy, whether or not they win. He cheered when the Doves scored, but also sometimes when they didn’t.

Many other big name celebrities and business owners joined Kanye in support of the Donda academy homecoming game; including but not limited to, French Montana, P. Diddy’s son known as King Combs, Desiigner, the hilarious Justin LA Boy, the celebrity realtor Chris Johnson, & O.T the Genases. The majority of the entire room was dressed in all black in support of the Donda Doves.

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